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In the event of a fire, saving time means saving lives
fx COMUS® has been developing, producing and selling paints and varnishes for 65 years. The company was awarded its first accreditation in intumescent paints and varnishes by the GTFI in 1987.

With Solution-Intumescent, construction specifiers, specialised dealers and appliers can benefit from our long-standing experience.

We have a dual ambition:

1) summarise the technical and regulatory information you need in terms of passive fire protection for your projects (public buildings, high-rise buildings etc.)
2) provide you with our expertise in the domain of intumescent paints and varnishes, by offering you efficient fire retardant solutions

Our fire retardant varnish and paint systems are designed to stop heat and fire propagation. They have obtained fire resistance certification from accredited laboratories, attesting to their reaction and resistance to fire for the following substrates:

Flechemetal structures
Flechetimber and wood derivatives
Flecheconstruction materials (concrete, plasterboard, etc.)

To further improve our service to you, we invite you to send your product calculation requests to our technical department.


Benefits of intumescent paints and varnishes


 Carre1 Attractive solution

 Carre2 Preserves the structure

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